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“Charlie Frye is a fantastic entertainer.  He’s skilled, hilarious, a great thinker, and he’s a wonderful teacher as well.  The DVD box describes the contents as “Further adventures in sleight of hand, juggling, and physical comedy.”  Indeed it is, with a complete hunk of comic-- but still magical--card manipulations, a terrific Ball and Vase routine, an unbelievable super-jumbo “Three Card Monte” using Martin Lewis’s “Sidewalk Shuffle” premise while juggling the oversized cards!), a terrific version of “McDonald’s Aces” (this and the Ball and Vase are well within the grasp of the majority of us), and several other juggling and balancing ideas and gags.

The performance and description segments are equally entertaining, but I do not want to go into more detail because it might spoil that entertainment value (but I also know that these are discs you will revisit if just for the entertainment).”                                                            -- Dustin Stinett, GENII Magazine Sept. 2006

Once again, you are cordially invited to join Charlie Frye for another amazing journey into the eccentric world of the professional funnyman. 

On this installment, the time-honored art of CARD MANIPULATION gets the ECCENTRICK treatment with a challenging yet practical approach to this sleight of hand favorite.

Also included are novel routines with the BALL VASE, and RING & ROPE, which continue the ECCENTRICK tradition of combining humor with highly visual entertainment.

You'll also find a wide range of showy moves, impressive stunts, and professional JUGGLING GAGS that are both fun to watch and fun to do.  Even the THREE CARD MONTE gets a novel variation in a routine that seamlessly combines both juggling and magic.

Besides material for stage and parlor, there's a flourishy version of MACDONALD'S ACES which contains a psychological twist and several eye-popping moves for close-up work.

For all those who enjoy blending novelty with mystery, and the sublime with the absurd, ECCENTRICKS THREE is the trick artist's ace in the hole.



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