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               "They can lay claim to being the city's best Specialty Act."                                          Michael Paskevich  -   Las Vegas Review Journal


Below is a small smattering of press that we’ve received over the years, from numerous critics who succumbed to our bribes.

Charlie Frye gave performances, alongside his wife, Sherry, that brought the audience back in time to vaudeville days.  At the same time, his magic and juggling were so mind-blowing that I was awestruck.

                                        - Broadway Review

Caffeinated and frantic, he bolts about the stage in the first act getting a series of steel rings linked up with everything in sight (each other, himself, a hacksaw, a chair), and in Act II he juggles an increasingly crazy arrangement of objects including his clothes, which then fall onto him in the correct arrangement after they’re tossed up high.  His gags are totally wordless, and all he has for help is an assistant who doesn’t seem to like him very much; that woman, Frye’s wife, Sherry, is herself a natural stage star, practically stealing her husband’s limelight with her annoyed and exasperated takes on his ever-more-ridiculous antics

                                        - Talkin’ Broadway Review

Charlie Frye -- The Eccentric -- displays superhuman hand-eye coordination, juggling disparate objects.

                                         - THE NEW YORKER, 2016

...part of what made theirs my personal favourite act, is Sherry Frye, real-life wife of Charlie “The Eccentric” Frye, who plays the bored helpmate to her husband’s truly amazing juggling and object-balancing routines.  Their act is theatrical and ironically knowing, and Charlie’s skills are the real deal.

                                        - The Toronto Star

The biggest laughs went to Charlie Frye, The Eccentric.  His style of juggling, facial expressions and magnetic charm were a thrill to observe.  The talent that Frye possesses was unbelievable and the audience is fortunate to be a fly on the wall for a few minutes to see him relish in his comfort zone.

                                         - NYC Review

There’s no denying that Charlie Frye, a vaudevillian dubbed The Eccentric, and his wife Sherry (mistress of disdain) is a firm favourite with the crowd.  He’s very funny but also a master juggler.

                                          What’s On, Brisbane

Charlie Frye & Company remain one of the best in the business. The silent Frye, who moves like Charlie Chaplin but looks like Dick Van  Dyke, juggles to good effect despite the minimal support from his company, in this case spouse Sherry who is more concerned about keeping her nails filed than helping her hapless hubby. This  vaudeville-rooted performance always evokes a strong reaction.

- Las Vegas Review Journal

Charlie Frye does it all out in the open. He's a dextrous young juggler, but his act goes way beyond that. He makes his juggler a  great comic character, with an underlay of tragedy. Rather than make juggling look easy, this poor guy makes it look desperately difficult, fraught with the risk of public humiliation. He juggles for his  life. His worst humiliation is the boredom - nay, the contempt - of his female assistant. In the midst of his hardest trick, she'll yawn or light a cigarette. It's clear that in her mind, he's the stooge in this  act. Frye and Co. hilariously capture one of the saddest sights in the world - a man trying to please a woman who couldn't care less. This is classic comedy as well as classic juggling.

- Los Angeles Times

Charlie Frye & Company star as the show's lone specialty act. Charlie and his wife, Sherry, have created a most unusual segment  for the "Folies." It's one of the funniest pieces of business you'll ever see. By the way, not a word is spoken in their masterfully produced scene. Charlie plays a hapless, Chaplinesque character who  performs magic and impossible juggling feats in an effort to win the heart of his glamorous but disaffected assistant (Sherry). Not only is she disinterested, she's so bored by the whole thing that she turns  her back on him to check her watch, file her nails and rummage through his wallet. It's great visual stuff and a clever scenario in which to present Frye's endless talent. Their act is the result of  years of hard work and ongoing refining and polishing.

- SHOWBIZ Weekly, Las Vegas

...Charlie Frye & Company, the silent husband-and-wife duet that can lay claim to being the city's best specialty act with a winning  exercise in the lost art of vaudeville.

- Las Vegas Review Journal


Internationally applauded as 'show stoppers,' Charlie Frye and Company, with their eccentric comedy, are the stars of the show. A  'runaway' from Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus, Charlie comes from a circus clown family. Multi-talented, he juggles, balances, performs sleight-of-hand magic and times his antics  perfectly with the music, while acting the part of a klutzy guy smitten with a gorgeous indifferent dame. Sherry, as 'and Company,' pretends to ignore him as she flips props in his direction that seem  to accidentally land in the right place and time. Self-described as modern-day vaudevillians, these talented performers carry comedy to the absurd of slapstick with style and elegance. How can they be  absurd and elegant? When you see the act, you'll understand.

- SHOWTIME Magazine, Las Vegas

...comedic juggler Charlie Frye (and Company - his wife). He is, without a doubt, one of the best now working here. Our readers  agreed when they named them "Specialty Act of the Year”for 1997" in GAMING TODAY's Readers' Poll. Assuming the gestures and expressions of Dick Van Dyke, he is as funny and agile. It is his own  ingenious talents as a juggler and comic though, that make him unique and overwhelmingly entertaining.

- GAMING TODAY Magazine, Las Vegas

The hilarious artistry of Charlie Frye & Company adds a large dose  of comedy and juggling. Frye's "assistant with an attitude" is uproariously funny without ever saying a word. Frye, who also never speaks, is comical, talented, and absolutely zany.

- Lake Tahoe Press

You take a calculated risk when you name a production SHOWSTOPPERS, but the show currently playing at the  Extravaganza Theatre at Sun City has one absolutely genuine, quite superb show-stopper in it. The surprise is that it contains no chorus girls or dancers. It is a juggling act called Charlie Frye & Company in  which a young man does a performance so limber and elegant that he not only stops the show, he steals it quite away. It is an act of classic simplicity. He makes a nod to Charlie Chaplin with a bowler  and cane, he picks a couple of old-fashioned balls and bottles and then moves into another dimension in which the force of gravity does not exist. The comedy is provided by his attractive wife Sherry  who passes him his props but does so with supremely bored indifference playing a rich-bitch snob to his over-eager klutz. But within the loose simplicity is a mass of intricate skill executed with a  knife-edge precision and choreographed to music which wittily builds its own comic suspense. It is a slick, superlative work, which makes for pure show-business magic.

- South African Press



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